Toads bucket


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  • Material

    Pine wood (Matsu in Japanese)

  • Size

    32 (h) x 25 x 22 cm

  • Period

    1966 (Showa 41)

  • Box



Wooden okimono of a well-bucket with two toads by Sakuratani Naohiro (born in 1919)

Sakuratani Naohiro (born in 1919) belongs to the Ise wood carving tradition. 

He was born in Mie Prefecture. He studied wood carving under Suzuki Masanao and Miyake Masanao III.

Sakurai Naohiro was a member of the Ise Shima Wood Carving Association (Ise Shima Kibori kai) and was given award for his achievements in traditional art crafts industry.

Top: Kibori, tsurube hiki (Wood carving, a well-bucket with toads)

Back: Showa yonju-ichi-nen, juunigatsu tsuitachi, Sakuratani Naohiro saku with seal Naohiro
Made by Sakuratani Naohiro, on the 1st of December, Showa 41 (1966)

Signed "Naohiro"