Text Translation from the book :
« Although the mask belongs to a typical Waraijo Noh mask category, this is a rare example which is made of leather. The material and production process follows the same way as the mempo, the facial armor for the warrior, is made. The original construction of the mask is very fine and the mask demonstrates its distinctive character to this day.
The coloring of the mask is pale-skin-colored gofun pigment, which is further enhanced by pale yellow-ochre pigment, showing a strong age-old patina. The rest of the finished work is identical to a traditional wood mask. Therefore, it is hard to distinguish from the exterior that the mask is made of leather.
The back of the mask is crafted with varying degree of thickness for the ease of the wearer; precise rendering around the eyes and nose can be observed. The mask is finished with dark tan color lacquer. The planting of hairs from outside is also executed in the same manner as in a traditional wood Noh mask. This is a rare and important example of mask work.
Artist: unknown.