Otake Yuichi


Otake Yuichi (b.1939)

A telluric force emanates from the work of Otake Yuichi. It combines all the elements of life. The land from which the iron comes; fire without which matter could not be transformed; air and water: the masters of corrosion. The rain attacks the metal while giving life to the sculptures of this artist-rice farmer. And then comes the ether like a creative alchemy.

On a daily basis, Otake Yuichi draws his inspiration from his fields. The shapes come not only from his imagination but also from careful observation of his environment. A pretty, very round line evokes a grain, the name he gives to some of his creations. The geometry of its fields, another name, takes shape with endless broken lines.

Public Collections

• Musée Cantonal de Lausanne/ Switzerland
• Musée Ariana/ Genava . Switzerland
• The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu
• Kanda-machi Street/ Gifu
• VR Techno Plaza/ Kakamigahara . Gifu
• Minokamo City Museum/ Minokamo . Gifu