Suemura Shobun



Suemura Shōbun was born in Osaka in 1917 as Bunzo.

From 1936 he studied weaving techniques and the art of bamboo basketry with master Yamamoto Shoēn "Chikuryusai I" (1868-1950).

He became independent in 1941 and took the name Shō-bun: "Shō", meaning the flute, in homage to his retired master whose studio was called Shōen; and "Bun" from his surname Bunzo.

In 1951, one of his works was accepted by the Nitten decorative arts competition. It was exhibited at this prestigious event twenty-six times, and a dozen times, starting in 1962, at the Japanese Contemporary Art and Crafts exhibitions (Nihon Gendai Kōgei Bijutsu Ten).

In 1973, he received the Oita Prefectural Award in recognition of his work, and in 1981, the Shin-Kōgei Exhibition Members' Award.

Several of his works are in the collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Art; Asian Art Museum of San Francisco (Coll. Lloyd Cotsen); Thomas Foundation, Santa Fe; etc