Sugiura Noriyoshi



A native of Sendai, on Japan’s main island of Honshu, Sugiura Noriyoshi is a graduate of the School of Engineering, Osaka University.

In 1997, he decided to train in the arts of bamboo and moved to Beppu (Kyūshū), where he studied for two years at the Ōita Prefectural Beppu Technical College and then at the Beppu Industrial Art Crafts Institute, now unified as the Ōita Prefectural Bamboo Art Crafts and Training Support Center.

When he finished his training, he became the apprentice of Watanabe Chikusei II (b. 1932), then of Okazaki Chikubōsai II (b.1933), before opening his own studio.

During the National Sports Festival of Japan events held in Ōita in 2008, one of his baskets for ikebana entitled Sugomori was presented to the Emperor of Japan.

Permanent Collections

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 

Clark Center for Japanese Art & Culture, Hanford 

Anjyo Citizens Gallery 

Beppu City Traditional Bamboo Crafts Center 

Lussato-F.dier Institute, Brussels (Belgium)

Main Prizes

Oita Prefectural Governor’s Prize, Living with Bamboo Art Crafts Exhibition

Oita Prefectural Broadcasting Prize, Western Japan Art Crafts Exhibition

Design Prize (2010), Special Jury Prize, Tochigi Prefectural Governor’s Prize

National Bamboo Art Exhibition Grand Prize, Bamboo Design Competition

First Prize, The 20th Bamboo Exhibition All Over Japan, Zenkoku Chikugeiten